History and Background

The Young Inventors’ Club was one of the oldest clubs in Royal College. But when in 2008 it became an inactive club. Again in 2009 it was reformed and then the teacher in charge was Mr. Geekiyanage.
2010 was a very successful year for the club and the number of members went high. With the guidence of the National Inventors’ Commission, we organized an one day workshop for  our members for giving them a clear idea about What is Innovation.
In 2010 we could win the silver medal in the all island inventors’ competition held in Sirimavo Balika Vidyalaya. In 2011 one of our members could be one of the top 10 inventors’ of the year and many others’ could win prizes in JIVY Competition


The Young Inventor’s club of Royal College is a club formed with the primary purpose of bringing out the innovative skills and ideas hidden within the minds of young royalists.

The work we carry out will eventually enable our members to invent various items that will make everything life much more easier.


We carryout various projects that aid our members to make their dreams a reality. We do this by giving them the essential, basic technological knowledge and the necessary expertise along with the new trends in the field of innovation. We have carried out several successful projects that are dedicated to this purpose and also expect to this way till we manage to mold the young minds of our members to be brilliant inventors.


Chairman – Dakshith Chandradasa

Secretary – Kaulya Pathiraja

Treasurer – Imal Abeydeera