The Royal College library is one of the largest and best school libraries in Sri Lanka and its history spans over one and a half centuries. Overall, the library possesses above 35000 books and an emense amount of periodicals to cater to the average students every need. It uses the Dewey decimal classification system and the Brown lending system.

The college library is that quiet space inside school where students are exposed to various outside sources. It is the space they go in order to gain knowledge, absorb gossip through magazines and expose themselves to the skills of writing.

The library consists of four main sections.

  1. Main Library
  2. Primary Library
  3. Audio-Visual Section
  4. Science Reading Room

Main Library

The Main Library consists of a reference section, a lending section and a new Reading section. The reference section provides papers, Magazines, VCD’s, VHS tapes and reference library services in which rare and valuable books are available for study. College Magazines, Souvenirs, Government gazettes, local and foreign periodicals, teacher’s guides and many subject titles are available for students who are keen on research.

The Lending of books is done through a Data Base system which was recently put in to use. The membership of this section is allowed for students ranging from Grade 7-13 and each class has a separate library period to borrow books from this section. A student member is allowed to borrow a book for a period of 7 days. Tutorial Staff members are also able to become members and additional facilities are provided for them. The newly designed reading room is specially allocated for the use of students during their library periods or can be used on free periods with the relevant permission.

Primary Library

This section caters to students ranging from grade 1 to 6. Fiction, picture books, fairytales, maps, novels, biographies, subject books and many other books can be borrowed for a period of 10 days. Books are available in Sinhala, English and Tamil. Every class has a separate library period and borrowing is allowed to the students above Grade 4. A branch of the Junior Library for Grade 2-3 students is situated in the Grade 2 building. There are about 18,000 books at dispense of the students. Additionally, educational video films are organized by this library during the term-ending weeks to be projected to students at the library period.

Audio-Visual Section

The audio-Visual section consists of over 300 VHS tapes and some VCD’s and CD’s (O/L and A/L Syllabus). There are titles on Education, current affairs, sports events and popular movies.

Science Reading Room

The Science Reading Room is used by Advanced Level Science Section students. Many valuable text books are available for reference.