Carrom is identified as a Sport where discipline and behavior are developed rapidly. It also strengthens the thinking power of players and teaches how to make quick decisions at suitable times. The foot movements also play an important role in this sport.

Carrom was introduced to the Sri Lankan School sports system in 1990 by the Education Ministry and the Sports Ministry. The sport was introduced to Royal College in 2000 and although practices were conducted with minimum facilities, participation was at a very satisfactory level.

House matches were conducted annually and in 2003, the Education Ministry held the inaugural Inter School Carrom Championship in which Royal College came out as champions. The excitement swelled when in the same year, a player from Royal College defeated the number one school player of Malaysia. With this success behind the team, Carrom was approved by the school principal as a colors awarding sport of Royal College in 2003.

However, it was the All Island Singles Carrom Championship organized by the Schools Carrom Association in 2007 that changed the path of Royal College Carrom. The school became overall Runners-up clinching the Under 13 singles Championship, under 13 overall championships, under 13 best player, under 17 Runner-up and under 17 overall championship.

Master in charge of Carrom, Mr. M.H.W. De Silva, worked tirelessly to get the players up to the required standard. Another mentor to be reckoned is Mr. L. Ranathunga, who was appointed as the Coach of Royal College Carrom in 2006 and worked tirelessly and guided the players towards numerous victories.

In 2007 the Royal College Under 15 Carrom team was placed third at the All Island Games and it was the first time that a Carrom team of Royal College reached the All Island level. They repeated this performance in the following year when the team became Runners-up at the All Island games.

For the first time in the history of Carrom in Sri Lanka, the Royal College under 19 team was selected to compete in the All Island Games after being Runners-up at the Western Province games. Royal College emerged champions in their very first All-Island appearance and they defeated Ananda College Colombo who was the Winner on two previous occasions. The under 15 team became runners-up in this occasion and the captain of the Royal College team received national colors for this achievement.

The Royal College Carrom team, who has achieved many a victory from 2007, won the under 19 All Island Carrom Championship for the second consecutive year in 2011, proving their agility in the sport. As it happened in the previous year, the under 15 team narrowly missed the Championship and they had to satisfy themselves with second place. The Royal captain was awarded the ‘Best Player of the Tournament’ for his performance.

From 2007, Royal College Carrom players have been awarded with Merits and Colors at the ‘Western province Colors awarding ceremony’ and ‘All Island Colors awarding ceremony’. Many players have also represented the country at an international level.

Under the guidance of Mr. L.C. Ranathunga, the current coach of Carrom, players have been performing at a very high standard. At present, the sport receives great support from the school and many facilities have been provided for enhanced performance by the players.

Captain         – Senath Rajapakse
Vice Captain – Ashan Sandanayake