Karate is a martial art developed in Japan. Mainly there are two types, one is full contact Karate and the other one is semi contact Karate. School children are not allowed to practice for full contact Karate. Semi contact Karate is also derived in to another two parts called “Kata” and “Kumite”. Kata is giving basic idea of the sport actually it shows what are the foot steps, movements and everything except fighting. Kumite is completely about fighting. Today Karate has been practicing only for self protection purposes in school level.

Karate was established in Royal College in year 2006 under two styles with participation of small crowed. Those are “Goju Ryu Seigokai” & “Shotokan”. Practices of Goju Ryu seigokai has been taking place under the guidance of Mr: T N K Perera and practices of Shotokan is handled by Mr: N Lokukaluge.

Captain         – Thevindu Udula Herath
Vice Captain – Sasika Chiranjaya