Junior Stewards

Junior Stewards are chosen straight after the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examinations, where the students who sat for the exams who would usually have a break from school, would get the opportunity to be selected and to be exposed to the work ethic of Royal College, under the Senior Prefects.

Junior Stewardship is very challenging, as it is a very important role in school. The Junior Stewards work very closely with the Senior Prefects and assist the Prefects’ Council in day to day activities and tasks, which provide them with the exposure to effectively face the challenges that they are yet to face in College.

The Junior Stewards’ have a small laminated card with their name on it which is clipped to their pants. Here too there is no head Junior Steward but just a teacher in charge and two Senior Prefects who are appointed as the Junior Stewards’ in charge.¬†As the Junior Stewards have no assigned classes, they are on duty during school hours, and are very active.

Junior Stewards 2015