Prefects’ Council

Senior Prefectship is the pinnacle that all Royalists dream of achieving from the time they begin to start understanding what Royal College is all about. It is the highest post of leadership that can be held by a student and is a highly prestigious and respected position. With over 90 years of tradition and history behind the Prefects’ Council, this student body is put together to spearhead the continuity and improvement of the quality of the students and the school as well.

Senior Prefects are appointed immediately after their Advanced Level examination, as Probationary Prefects for a period of three to four months. The timing of this appointment allows the Prefects to commit their efforts completely towards College, thus year by year, pushing the levels of the fields that they are chosen to work on. After completing this probationary period, which requires massive amounts of commitment, dedication and effort, the Probationary Prefects are appointed as Senior Prefects in the time period preceding one of Royal College’s biggest events; the Royal – Thomian Cricket Encounter. They receive the traditional Silver Prefects’ Badge that replaces their Probationary Card at the College general Assembly, in the presence of over 4000 students and the entire academic staff; a moment that no Senior Prefect will ever forget.

The Prefects’ Council is headed by the Head Prefect, followed by a Senior Deputy Head Prefect and five Deputy Head Prefects. The Council members are assigned one of Five avenues, namely Academics, Sports, Clubs & Societies, Information Technology and 5S’  which are headed by a respective Deputy Head Prefect. This created an environment that allows the Prefects’ Council to work on all aspects of College, while being able to give special attention to their respective fields, thus fostering the opportunity to build a better and more beautiful Royal College.  The Senior Prefects work tirelessly, day in and day out to best repay the debt they owe to College for making them what they are and also knowing that they have the ability and responsibility to influence and guide the students to a path that leads them to be not only the best possible Royalist they can be, but also the best possible citizen they can be.

Prefectship is an experience that teaches one on how to work with different walks of people, how to think as you go and how things work in an institution such as Royal College. But more importantly it teaches the values of friendship & brotherhood, commitment & dedication, working towards a common goal and unconditional love towards Royal and all that is Royal. It is an experience that only few are privileged to experience, and one that must be experienced to understand.