It’s that time of year again! The 135th Battle of the Blues!

As we come closer and closer to the three big days, where the whole of the SSC grounds turn Blue and Gold, and an army of white invades the Boys’ Tent in support of the 11 warriors on the pitch, The Landmarks of Reid Avenue, the main buildings of Royal College, turn Blue and Gold while the “Big Match” hype is spreading and has taken its toll on all cricket fans, specially the Royalists!

This season, the Cricket in terms of quality and consistency have been spot on, with no losses and steady batting from both the top and bottom orders. Anticipation is at its highest and the Boys’ tent will be filled with Students from this esteemed institution, waiting to cheer on the Royalists’ who will battle it out to keep the Senanayake Trophy where it truly belongs.

In terms of statistics, we see that the batting order has been held steady by many contributors, but Randev Pathirana being at the forefront by scoring 850 runs in the 13 matches that he has played truly has given a certain level of power and consistency to the batting and overall attack of the Royalists!

Shaminda Dias and Thiran Dhanapala who have scored 617 and 599 runs repectively, also give a clear cut edge and boost to the top order batting, thereby moulding it into a strong batting line-up.

The Royalists’ will face Trinity College on the 28th of February and 1st of March at the Asgiriya Stadium in Kandy, as it will be the final game before the Battle of the Blues!

As the cricket team has been training hard and producing talent at its very best, the College building was decorated by the Prefects’ Council 13/14, so as to show the undying support for the warriors who will battle it out for supremacy!

We wish Chamika Karunaratne and the rest of the Cricket Team, the very best of luck in bringing glory to College and keeping the Senanayake Shield where it belongs!


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