The Senanayake Shield stays at Reid Avenue! The 135th Battle of the Blues!

The 135th Battle of the Blues, The Royal – Thomian Cricket Encounter which is best known as the “Big Match” concluded on the 15th of March, 2014 at the SSC Grounds.

The Senanayake Challenge Shield, for which this encounter is played, is retained by Royal College as the match resulted in a closely contested draw. Due to the Encounter and thereby the Shield being won in 2013, the Shield is retained this year.

Royal College – ( 1st innings ) – 158 all out

Harith Samarasinghe – 50 runs
Thiran Dhanapala      – 46 runs

S. Thomas’ College – ( 1st innings ) – 325/8 declared

Chamika Karunaratne – 4 wickets for 91 runs
Anupa Thilakaratne – 2 wickets for 63 runs
Hashen Ramanayake – 2 wickets for 70 runs

Royal College was put out to bat for the Second innings with S. Thomas’ College piling up a lead of 167 runs.

Royal College – ( 2nd innings ) – 268/6 at the end of the third days play.

Hashen Ramanayake – 96 runs
Chamika Karunaratne – 35 runs
Thiran Dhanapala        – 28 not out

Harith Samarasinghe and Thiran Dhanapala made a partnership of 96 runs for the 9th wicket while Hashen Ramanayake and Randev Pathirana made a partnership of 88 runs for the 4th wicket.

Hashen Ramanayake is no doubt the hero and saviour for Royal  for holding the batting together, with the help of Randev Pathirana and Thiran Dhanapala.

As we see the back of yet another big match season, we bid farewell to the members of the team who played their final game for Royal, and we salute each and every member of the team for their dedication and determination in making sure that the shield will stay where it truly belongs.



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