The Royal College Carrom Team gets crowned the Champions of the National School Games!

The U-19 and U-15 contingents of the Royal College Carrom Team, excelled and emerged champions in their respective age groups at the All Island Carrom Championships ; The National School Games, which was held and concluded on the 14th and 15th of September 2014, at Jaffna Central College.

The U-15 team fought their way through the preliminary stages of the contest and found themselves in the final round against St, John’s College Nugegoda, where they triumphed and emerged the Champions, while the U-19 Senior Carrom Team of Royal College made their way through the initial stages and had to battle it out with Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa, in which they eventually trumped the opposing team to clinch the title of Senior All Island Champions, in what turned out to be a very successful journey up to the north for Royal College.

In the midst of many triumphs in the avenue of Carrom for Royal College in the year 2014, This notable achievement was seen to be the 5th consecutive time that both the U-15 and U-19 Carrom teams of Royal College have been placed in the final stages of the championships, which is a clear indication and reflection of the uniformity of quality of Carrom at Royal College, and its build up to the success it is displaying currently. It is also the 4th time overall, that the U-19 Senior Team of Royal College have been favourites and have been crowned the champions of the National School Games.

It has been nothing less than a very successful year for Carrom at Royal College thus far, and the consistency displayed currently will no doubt be continued in the months and years to come.