A Royal Whitewash to retain the 9th Royal-Thomian Carrom Championship!

It was a nice Wednesday afternoon, on the 12th of November 2014 where the Thomians took on the Royalists yet again at the 9th Royal-Thomian Carrom encounter. The defending champions, Royal College, who went into the encounter on a high note, ended up once again winning the championship 5-0!

The encounter kicked off with the first two singles games which were comfortably won by the Royalists Mohammed Shaheed (captain) and Anas Ahamed. The singles were followed by the pair of doubles in which Royal was represented by Mohammed Shaheed/Senath Rajapaksha and Hasan Azeez (vice captain)/Dilusha Dilrujith. Royal managed to win the pair of doubles in quick succession.

Even though the encounter was won by Royal at the point of winning the first doubles game, the organizers moved on with the flow, to the pleasure of the number of carrom fans who had turned up to witness the Royal-Thomian.

The encounter officially concluded after the experienced campaigner Manuka Ashen the immediate past captain of the Royal College carrom team, ticked off the 3rd singles game, which was the 5th and last game of the encounter.

It was a valiant effort by both the teams, but it was Royal who were able to lift the trophy in the end of yet another exciting Royal-Thomian encounter.


Royal College             : Mohammed Shaheed

S. Thomas’ College   : Menuka Dabare


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