“Labor Omnia Vincit” – Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony 2014

An evening dedicated to reward the Clubs at Royal College, in recognition of the outstanding services rendered towards College, and for the unsurpassed achievements gained by particular clubs in their relevant fields, the “Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony” often known as the “Clubs Night” has gained utmost prestige throughout the past 5 years, since its inception in 2010, by the Prefects’ Council of 2009/2010.  The Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony 2014 was organized by the Prefects’ Council 13/14.

The ceremony under the theme of “Development” a much imperative topic in the present world, was held on the 2nd of December 2014 from 5.30pm onwards at the Navarangahala. Mr. Santhush Weeraman a prominent and illustrious Royalist who excelled both in the academic and co-curricular arenas graced the occasion as chief guest, the youngest individual to preside a Royal event of this nature throughout the 179 year history of Royal College. The event proceeded after the lighting of the oil lamp which took place at the general veranda of the Navarangahala, with a magnificent introduction dance act which brought the theme of the event to light. The compeers Shuaib Jabbar and Priyesh Perera then welcomed the audience for the esteemed event which was followed by the Principal’s address in which the importance given by Royal College towards the enhancement of co-curricular activities was highlighted by the principal, Mr. Upali Gunasekara. The trophies and shields which were won by various clubs throughout the year were then brought on stage by the respective chairmen and secretaries.

The Grades achieved by clubs were then announced starting with the ‘C’ Graded clubs, followed by the recognition of the ‘B’ Graded Clubs. The 10 most successful clubs of Royal College throughout the year 2014 were then awarded with ‘A’ Grades, by the Principal, Senior Deputy Principal and the two Senior Games Masters of College. Throughout this procedure the organizers had planned breathtaking entertainment items, including a mash-up of BnS hits as a tribute to the chief guest.

The following clubs were awarded with an ‘A’ Grade for an excellent job done within the past 12 months, in order to help and uplift the standards of their club, school and society at large.

  1. Interact Club
  2. Social Services League
  3. Media Unit
  4. Computer Society
  5. Philatelic Club
  6. Red Cross Society
  7. Dancing Society
  8. Oriental Music Society
  9. Tamil Karnatic Music Society
  10. Sinhala Drama Society

Mr. Santhush Weeraman was then invited on stage to address the gathering where he illustrated bits of his life at school to highlight facts such as hard work, commitment etc. He also explained the importance of co-curricular activities towards moulding a boy, to be a man.

Mr. Weeraman was then requested to be on stage along with the members of the management committee, for the presenting of special awards under 13 different project categories, which was a new addition to the Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony 2014.

The following clubs were felicitated under these special project avenues:

  1. Best Solution Project                              : Islamic Society
  2. Best Social Media Project                       : Photographic Society
  3. Best Aesthetic Project                            : Western Music Society
  4. Best Innovative Project                           : Computer Society
  5. Best Scholar Project                               : Astronomical Society
  6. Best Publicity Project                              : Interact Club
  7. Best Publication                                      : Philatelic Club
  8. Best International Representation           : Debaters’ Council
  9. Best Representation                               : Scrabble Club
  10. Best Finance Project                               : Interact Club
  11. Best Community Service Project              : Social Services League
  12. Best Zoning Project                                : Social Services League
  13. Best Joined Project                                : United Nations Club/Red Cross Society

The curtains closed with victory and voices of satisfaction and happiness mixing up with the tune of the air at Royal College. Individuals who served mighty for their clubs and societies to make a better society were rewarded. The Men who deserved, bore the prizes.

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