Acta est Fabula, Plaudite! Tribute to the Prefects’ Council of Royal College 13/14

Even the glamour of gold with time begins to fade away,
Its splendour and gleam diminishes sadly day by day,
The golden treasure of opulence and majesty that we define,
As College, the heart of our lives that is to us so divine,
Has the worst of all adversities on it reclining,
Like all other, College too in many ways is declining.

Standing against an eternal truth: this descent inevitable,
Lies almost outside the realms that we know as possible,
Yet there is one unique force striving to accomplish,
The noble task of preserving College; that coveted wish,
The Council of esteem that guards with care this glory and pride,
Day and night to achieve this worthy goal takes many a stride.

An year of striving to give life to the traditions that may have been,
Lost if not for the onerous efforts, commitment, dedication so keen,
That they portrayed in all their work to the highest vertex,
Sacrifices they made in the name of College pile up to an apex,
A strenuous but worthwhile year of panache and flamboyance,
Has come to an end revealing Royal spirit’s true essence.

Wonders and magic have been performed within one year,
The success is evident in each magnificent endeavour,
Uplifting the honour of college in every single avenue,
The dying lore from bygone times they knew to renew;
And even for the plain student the pillar of strength stood still,
Sheltering from every problem, the pupils with joy they did fill.

All good times must meet their ends someday and so must all of this,
Ends now an year of wondrous memories that to College was indeed bliss,
The Council with all their lives the legacy of College secured undiminished,
The heart of College for us to guard and protect they have relinquished,
Gratitude for the fame and glory they brought in our hearts are indelibly written,
The debts they repaid and the honour they rebuild shall never be forgotten.

Farewell to them, the great men who led this legacy for yet another year,
The treasure bestowed on us shall be guarded with life and blood, do not fear.

It was indeed a great fortune for College to encounter the Prefects’ Council of 2013/14, a set of young men flooded with skills and capabilities of diverse nature. In fact they managed to utilize these talents throughout the year in order to win the hearts of every single stakeholder at College quite impressively emerging as an unparalleled Council. Most importantly they secured the pride and esteem of College holding the flag of blue and gold flying high.

With beginnings of meagre standards they rose though every challenge and barrier to emerge as one insurmountable force. Ranging from a brilliant Big Match season to a splendid Bradby Encounter with much novelty, the Council surpassed countless worthy accomplishments throughout their tenure. The immensely successful finance project in the form of the  “Prefects’ & Stewards’ Talent Show” as well as the grand and colourful “Colours Night” and the glamourous “Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony” must be especially noted.

It was an amazing year filled with much success. Our gratitude for their endless efforts in making their legendary visions a reality can never be conveyed adequately. They have indeed repaid their debts to College with this unprecedented year of landmarks in College history. It was one of life’s rare pleasures to encounter a unique Council of this caliber and their efforts shall be appreciated for eternity.

And as their end approached they moulded a new batch to take forth the legacy they had preserved and uplifted throughout this strenuous year. The 5th of December saw the departure of Nipuna Ambanpola and his Council, as the new Council was inducted. A memorable day for many, it marked the end of a glorious year, and the beginning of a novel era. The echoes of that bell lamenting their departure coupled with the wondrous memories, together still ring within our minds. They may have parted their own ways, but the younger generations of Royal College still know for a fact that their seniors will always be there whenever they are needed; because after all, “One can only take the Boy from Royal, but not Royal from the Boy”.


Head Prefect                                : Ambanpola E.M.N.

Senior Deputy Head Prefect        : Jabbar M.S.A.

Deputy Head Prefects

Academics                                      : Lokuhetty N.N.S.

Sports                                             : Rajaguru R.M.D.R.

Clubs & Societies                           : Illukpitiya M.D.Y.Y.

Information Technology                 : Perera P.D.

5S’                                                   : Hirimburegama C.K.S.

Abeykoon A.M.P.M.B
Anushan S
Arunn A.T
Arushan  J
Bahaudeen M.A.S
Balagalla P.A
Costa M.A.C
Damruwan A.K.D.T
De Alwis A.H.R
De Silva L.P.S
Deshapriya T.V.T.I
Dissanayake A.I.J
Edirisinghe D.V
Ediriweera D.D
Ekanayake E.M.A.E
Fernando W.T.N
Galagamage S.V
Gamage B.C.M
Gunasekara D.E.S.D.Z
Hettiarachchi S.S
Jayasekara L.D.S.A
Jayasinghe M.D.S.S
Jeewaratnam H
Kankanamge D.H
Karunaratne P.D.D
Khan Y.M.A
Lokuliyana O.S.K
Malavige U.S
Munasinghe K.J
Munawwar M.M
Munidasa N.K
Perera H.M
Perera P.K.D
Rajapaksha R.P.S.I
Ranasinghe A.K
Ranasinghe C.E
Ranatunga J.K.D.H.S
Rathnayake W.K.D
Sadiq M.R
Subasinghe S.A.D.N
Thambawita D.M
Zavahir M.S.M
Aluthge P.S.P.
Anojan A.D.
Arachchi S.T.B.
Athas M.F.A.A.
Bandara N.M.A.S.N.
Bandara W.B.W.Y.B.M.M.Y.
Dias P.A.S.
Elwitigala D.D.
Gunasekara A.K.M.P.W.
Gunathilaka H.G.D.
Hashitha W.A.N.
Imalsha P.G.M.
Karunarathna R.A.T.O.
Karunathilaka H.E.
Kulasinghe D.T.G.
Molligoda S.R.
Munasinghe N.
Muthalip M.S.
Nadaraja L.
Nimalan P.M.
Nishshanka L.N.A.M.S.
Pasqual R.T.
Samuel B.P.N.
Sanjeedaga R.M.T.
Weerasinghe W.A.D.D.
Zoysa W.G.