Annual Report and Accounts 2012

The Royal College Annual Report and Accounts in an annual publication featuring all major activities, achievements and progress at College for that calender year. The publication encompasses all aspects of College life ranging from Academic and Sports Achievements to every initiative by the numerous Clubs and Societies at College. It also includes details of all ventures of the School Development Society as well as the Royal College Union. In short this is a detailed elaboration of College history for that particular year.

The speciality of this publication is the involvement of students as its editors. The sole responsibility of bringing together all relevant information followed by their meaningful representation is shouldered by school students under the guidance of teachers with absolutely no assistance from outside parties.

The publication for the year 2012 was headed by Mrs V Ranasinghe as the Mistress in Charge, S S Kalingamudali as the editor and W M D K N Ranasinghe as the sub editor. The publication for 2012 can be viewed below:

Royal College Annual Report 2012