Diamond Jubilee Islamic Day Celebrations – 2015

Since its initiation, the Royal College Islamic society has organized this uninterrupted event in order to provide the platform and showcase and appreciate the talents and abilities of the Muslim students of Royal College as well as students from other neighboring schools.

This is the most anticipated event on the calendar of the Islamic Society. The amount of efforts put in to make this event is immeasurable. It takes the hands of more than just the Islamic Society members to make this a success. Teachers, Parents, Old Boys and our fellow brothers earns a huge appreciation since their valuable efforts was a main ingredient to the success of the event.

The event was held on Sunday the 14th of June 2015 from 2.00pm onwards at the Navarangahala. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Mr. Murtaza Esufally, the Chairman of Hemas Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals’, while the Guest of Honor for the day was Mr. Upali Gunasekara.

On the day all Muslim students of Royal College were given the opportunity to perform on stage; also the winners of the Annual Inter Grade Competitions were also given the opportunity to present on stage. At the same time winners of the Inaugural All Island Debate Competition and the winners of the Inter School Islamic Competitions were also awarded with over 100 students of Invited Schools gracing this event.

The Chief Guest and the Guest of Honor gave away three tokens of appreciation to 3 exceptional teachers who gave the maximum they could give to higher the standards of College and retired from their services last year. Those three teachers are Mrs. Yasmmin Munas, Mrs. Rifka Buharie Dawood and Mrs. Fathima Risna respectively.

Another main highlight of the Islamic Daywas that the 57th Volume of the Sout-ut-Tullab (Students’ Voice) Magazine was published in parallel to the event. This magazine which also acts as a souvenir is a source of knowledge for all those who seek it.