An accolade like no other!! – Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony 2015

The Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony which is commonly known as the “Clubs’ Night” took to stage for the 6th consecutive time on the 19th of November 2015 under the theme “Feudal Japan”

The Hon. Sagala Ratnayaka, Cabinet Minister of Law and Order & Southern Development, Chief of Staff of the Hon. Prime Minister, a former Head Prefect of College graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for the evening.

The Clubs Night was initiated in the year 2010 by the Prefects’ Council of 2009/2010, to recognize the sacrifice and tireless efforts of the students of Royal College engaged in co- curricular activities. The Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony 2015 was organized by the Prefects’ Council 2014/2015.

The Chief Guest and other honoured dignitaries were warmly welcomed to the Navarangahala premises with an awe-inspiring demonstration of Japanese meditation poses by the Yoga Club. The event kicked off with an opening act by the English Drama Society setting the mood for the evening. The many creatively composed music, dance and dramatic acts by the Oriental Music Society, Dancing Society and the Sinhala Drama Society added their own touches of colour to the day. It was hosted by none other than the Deputy Head Prefect in charge of Clubs and Societies, Shamil Akbar.

The Principal, Mr. Upali Gunasekara welcomed the gathering, mentioning the important role Clubs and Societies play in moulding great leaders out of students and appreciated the hard work and commitment shown throughout the year.

Following this the Clubs and Societies presented the numerous awards they had received during the past year.

Subsequently, the C and B grade clubs and societies were presented with their awards.

Prior to the awarding of A grade clubs the Chief Guest, Hon. Sagala Ratnayaka took to the stage to address the gathering beginning his speech with an interesting story about his college tie. He spoke about the vision of the present government to develop the nation’s schools and that Royal College, though being a well-developed institution, has to potential to reach greater heights setting an example to the other schools in the country.

Following the much awaited A grade and Special Project Awards (see below) was a segment filled with much emotion as the Incumbent Head Prefect of Royal College, Anuka Aluwihare made his final address, in which he urged the present and future generations of Royalists to take College to greater heights and to preserve the sacred spirit which binds us all. The address concluded with a standing ovation by the gathered audience.

The event was brought to a close with the night’s host, Deputy Head Prefect Shamil Akbar, reminding the officials and members of the Clubs and Societies that receiving an award was simply a “pat on the back” to do better and that not receiving an award was a reminder of the challenges that lay ahead of them.

The preparations for ‘Clubs Night’ begin weeks before with critical and intensive interviews regarding the performance of each and every club throughout the year in review. Following this the Clubs and Societies Committee of the Prefects’ Council after assessing the projects, reports and interview performance divides the clubs into three grades: A, B and C. Furthermore, winners of the Special Project Awards, introduced last year, are decided from the nominated projects.

The following clubs received the honour of being adjudged as ‘A’ Grade institutions for an excellent job done within the past 12 months, in order to help and uplift the standards of their club, school and society at large.

  1. Red Cross Society
  2. Interact Club
  3. Tamil Debaters’ Council
  4. Green Circle
  5. Aviation Society
  6. Social Services League
  7. Tamil Dramatic Society
  8. Media Unit
  9. United Nations Club
  10. Tamil Karnatic Music Society

The following clubs were felicitated under these special project avenues:

  1. Best Digital Project: Media Unit (After Movie Campaign)
  2. Best Aesthetic Project: Tamil Dramatic Society (All Island Inter School Drama Competition)         
  3. Best Educator Project: Astronomical Society (‘Beyond the Sky’ Weekly Lectures)
  4. Best Innovative Project: Mathematics Society (RASD Web Application)
  5. Best Publicity Project: Tamil Karnatic Music Society (‘Rudhram’ 2015)
  6. Best Publication: Media Unit & Hindu Students Union (Souvenir for the 24th Dr. R. L. Hayman Water Polo Encounter & ‘Shiva Shakthi’ Souvenir)
  7. Best Representation: Computer Society (International Schools’ Software Competition)
  8. Best Zoning Project: Hindu Students Union (Grade 6 / Navarangahala Area)
  9. Best Finance Project: Interact Club (Drama Comp)
  10. Best Community Service Project: Social Service League (Annual Rural Development Project)

View photos from the event here and here