Royal College Fitness Run 2016

The Royal College Fitness Run (Formerly known as the Road Race) concluded successfully on Sunday the 14th of February 2016. The objective of the race was to encourage College students to participate and engage in activities that would help to develop their personal health.

The participants of the run were grouped in accordance to their age category. Prior to the race, all participants had to produce a document of written parental consent, and a medical report along with a supporting ECG report, to the respective House Captains. Participants had the opportunity of obtaining free medical reports at the clinic organized with the support of the Royal College Doctors’ Association on the 10th, 11th and, 12th of February.

The race commenced at approximately 7.00 am with participants being sent in groups based on their respective age categories. The run commenced at the College Main Grounds and proceeded to Thurstan Road, towards Duplication Road through Flower Road and finally returned to the Main Grounds via Rajakeeya Mawatha. Feeding points were placed on Duplication Road to provide the runners with water and other energizing consumables. A mobile first-aid team was also actively proceeding alongside the runners to attend to medical emergencies and other extenuating health issues of the runners. The Teachers and Prefects coordinated at checkpoints in attending to matters pertaining to the course of the run and the progress of the participants.  The first 10 runners of each age group, who had finished the course, were awarded certificates and their respective houses were noted and recognized. Refreshments were provided to all who took part.



1st Place – Reed House

2nd Place – Harward House

3rd Place – Boake House

Under – 12

1st Place – Induwara Gunawardena – Harward House

2nd Place – P. D. Anuk Kavith – Marsh House

3rd Place – Dimethri Liyanage – Hartley House

Under – 13

1st Place – Hasnaka Higgoda – Boake House

2nd Place – Venusha Akash – Boake House

3rd Place – N. M. Y. Ravindu Gunasekara – Reed House

Under – 14

1st Place – Senda Somakeerthi – Reed House

2nd Place – Kaveen Sasanga – Harward House

3rd Place – K. T. Thushan – Marsh House

Under – 15

1st Place – S. N. Gamage – Reed House

2nd Place – M. D. A. Imalka – Marsh House

3rd Place – C. Kulawickrama – Reed House

Under – 16

1st Place – E. T. N. Rajarathna – Marsh House

2nd Place – Harindu Nanayakkara – Harward House

3rd Place – Kavindu Mendis – Reed House

Under – 17

1st Place – Anuka Perera – Reed House

2nd Place – Ninura Aawin Ranasinghe – Boake House

3rd Place – Avin George – Reed House

Under – 19

1st Place – Rukshan Attaptthu – Hartley House

2nd Place – Bhathiya Neranjana – Boake House

3rd Place – U. I. O. de Silva – Reed House

Under – 21

1st Place – Mithun Mihiranga – Marsh House

2nd Place – Omila Vidanage – Marsh House

3rd Place – Ravija Waniganayake – Boake House