Royal College excels at the Inter – School Best Speaker Competition.

The Inter – School Best Speaker Contest is the oldest public speaking contest for schools organized by a Gavel Club in Sri Lanka. Started in 2014, by the University of Kelaniya Gavel Club, the contest creates a platform for the school community to excel in public speaking. The contest is a unique experience for competitors as they participate in one of the most competitive contests in the island.

This year the contest was comprised of three stages; The Preliminaries, The Semi Finals and The Grand Finale which took place on the 15th March at the auditorium of the Faculty of Commerce and Management . Out of more than 170 competitors 5 finalists were selected from the Junior Category to compete at the finals. The finalists included both the Royalists who participated; Suneragiri Liyanage and Minul Doluweera. At the Grand Finale they were able to amaze the audience by winning the Junior Championship, Best Impromptu Speaker and the Best Prepared Speaker awards.

  • Champion – Junior Category: Suneragiri Liyanage
  • Best Prepared Speaker: Suneragiri Liyanage
  • Best Impromptu Speaker: Suneragiri Liyanage
  • Finalist: Minul Doluweera

Inter - School Best Speaker Competition Inter - School Best Speaker Competition Inter - School Best Speaker Competition