Minor Employees 2016 – A project by the Interact Club of Royal College

The minor employees of any institution are an invaluable asset that rarely gets due attention or recognition. These individuals at Royal College, who dedicate their hard work and time to provide us with a better environment, tend to go unnoticed most of the time. Thus, the ICRC took up this task as the community service they carry out, which is a responsibility to ensure the due recognition and care is given back to them.

‘Minor Employees’, a community service project was held on the 2nd of April at the College premises. The club had prepared a health camp which was initiated for the first time. These employees were able to undergo several important check-ups such as BMI, eye check-up with discounted spectacle prices, a blood sugar level check-up etc. also, these employees were given free medicine and medical consultancy on the spot. The project which was centred around with an afternoon filled with entertainment for all employees was followed by lunch. In addition, all the employees were given gift packs which included of dry rations useful for their entire family. There was a crowd of 80 employees present at the project like never before. The Principal Mr. B. A. Abeyrathne was present at this fine afternoon filled with gratitude and innocent smiles.