The Bradby Shield at Reid Avenue for the Third Consecutive Year

Royal College retained the Bradby Shield on Saturday, after an intense evening of rugby wining the second leg of the encounter 13 – 8. Trinity College was determined to overcome the five point lead Royal College had established two weeks earlier and were aggressive in their offence from the onset of the match.

However the Royal defense managed to hold back the Trinitians, but gave way to a penalty early on in close proximity to the goal posts. Trinity College made use of this opportunity and opened scoring to an early lead of 3 points.
As the game continued in muddy conditions Royal College put the forwards to good use and pushed hard against the Trinity side, earning a few penalties for the effort. However Trinity College successfully repelled the attacks and held on to their lead. As the game progressed with both sides contesting for possession of the ball Trinity College conceded a penalty within kicking range which lost them their lead and saw the score come event at 3 – 3, which remained unchanged till half time.

As the deciding second half commenced both teams returned to the field determined to win the game. Trinity College had to close down the aggregate lead of five points to win the Bradby Shield, and Royal College had to maintain a lead to retain it. However the first ten minutes saw Royal College score twice, and even though the conversions were not successful Trinity now had a lead of fifteen points standing in their way. With conditions getting worse Royal College stood their ground as Trinity College tried time and time again to break past the defenses and win the game, and Royal prevailed till the last few minutes of the game. When Trinity College did manage to score it was too late and after an unsuccessful attempt at the conversion Royal College won the game and retained the shield for the third consecutive year with the aggregate score standing at 35 – 25

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