Prefects & Stewards Talent Show 2017

The Prefects’ Council 16/17 in collaboration with the Probationary stewards of 2017, Junior Stewards of 2017 and the Junior Prefects of 2017, put together the Prefects ‘n’ Stewards Talent Show, which was held on the 8th of November 2017, at the College Navarangahala.

The evening brought out the best in the student leaders of College, as the audience were at the edge of their seats till the end, with a fusion of music, drama, dance was put together in what was an action packed show which kept the crowd going till the very end.

As the comperes for the night, the Head Prefect Dinuka De Zoyza and Deputy Head Prefect Daham Gunawardena, started off the show by inviting the audience to have fun and join the performers in having a good time. The first half saw the curtains opening with the Prefects’ Council 16/17 lined up for the first item of the evening, after which, the performers were seen wearing school uniform for the entire first half showcasing their musical talents throughout with a colorful stage never seen before at a Prefects and Stewards talent show.

The performances were extraordinary as the crowd confirmed it each time the performers left the stage. With the theme of fusion in mind, a display of everything that Royal College is, including the ethnic harmony was showcased, as each item had a mix of Prefects, Stewards, Junior Stewards as well as Junior Prefects from their own respective races and religions.

The second half of the show commenced after the 15 minute refreshment break, where the Prefects’ Council brought to life a story of heavens, through a drama which got the audience on their feet for the comedy that it was. In addition to the drama, the second half of the show featured many other items, including next level music and a remarkable action packed dance, which were well executed and brought for the audience to enjoy. The show came to a close with the Head Prefect Dinuka De Zoyza delivering the vote of thanks and the whole council singing the farewell song Ira Genawe api.

The Prefects ‘n’ Stewards Talent Show was an initiative to raise funds for the renovation of the Royal College Hostel, so as to increase the standard of living of the Royalists’ that reside at College. In addition to the cause, the Prefects’ Council 16/17 also wanted the evening to be a fun filled one for the students as well as the entire audience, and it proved to be a fun filled and action packed evening indeed.

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