Royal College Boxing – Svan Lange International Boxing Meet

The team that represented Royal College in the field of boxing at the Svan Lange International Boxing Meet which was held between the 14th and 17th of December of this year in Schwerin, Germany reached great heights and brought great honour to Royal College. The team, consisting of:

• R. A. Althaf (Weight Class: 49kg)
• M. M. A. Ahamed (WC: 52kg)
• H. V. D. Hettiaracchi (WC: 56kg)
• K. K. K. C. Piyasinghe (WC: 60kg)

competed against boxers of the highest calibre representing 25 countries, which included representatives from Norway, France, Germany and a host of other nations. While the level of competition was at a noticeably high standard, the team representing Royal College was able to outshine the competition and return to Sri Lanka with their heads held high.
The team that won The Stubbs after 30 long years, representing Royal College, were able to accomplish the following at this year’s competition,

• R. A. Althaf (Weight Class: 49kg) received the Gold Medal
• M. M. A. Ahamed (Weight Class: 52kg) received the Bronze Medal
• H. V. D. Hettiaracchi (Weight Class: 56kg) received the Bronze Medal

The team was accompanied by Master in Charge M. A. M. Riyaz, Head Coach Abdulla Ibunu, Team Manager Aubrey Peiris and Assistant Team Manager K. A. L. Amarasekara. The team returned to Sri Lanka on the 19th of December, 2017.