Think Green Project

The ‘Think Green’ project is run by EDEX (Green Pavilion) committee who are helping the school run it. A Bio gas plant is installed using the waste from the hostel kitchen. It is funded by EDEX and has Reduced gas consumption to around fifty percent. Another project using liquid organic fertilizers have been obtained from this using the byproducts of the bio gas. For drought periods, 3 rain water towers have been installed for rain water harvesting. Also a solar power project has started and garden lights and lamp posts have been installed.

With the intention of raising the “Green Standards” of Royal College, the EDEX Committee and the Green Circle of Royal College have successfully initiated and completed the following Green Projects with a common objective in mind.

  • Tree naming and survey of trees in College and Bio diversity
  • Bio Gas plant to cater to the has requirement of the upper school
  • Waste segregation and collection from all grades
  • Waste separation center
  • Solar Powered Lighting system and Navarangahala
  • Agriculture plots
  • Urban forests
  • Rainwater Harvesting units
  • Compost units
  • Green House garden
  • Agriculture farming project, Mental Hospital Mulleriyawa
  • Maintaining an agricultural plot in the Town Hall roundabout
  • Rainwater harvesting units for other schools
  • Coast conservation projects
  • Beach cleanup projects
  • Dengue prevention program
  • Herbal Garden
  • Annual Cycle Parade -General cleanliness
  • Newly initiated Butterfly Garden
  • Medicinal Porridge Project