Middle School

The Middle school consists of grades six to nine and is focused on providing the students with a diverse education in the arts, humanities and the sciences.

Upon entering the middle school, the students are given a degree of leverage to craft their own path for the future. English medium education is provided for students who opt for it. Additionally, the students are given a choice in choosing their curriculum.

The middle school curriculum is built around providing students with essential education and life skills. Mathematics, languages, science and civic education is made compulsory for the students. The students can opt for aesthetic subjects and languages of their choice.

It is during the middle school that students are first exposed to multiple teachers. Though the students are provided with a class teacher to act as their mentor and counselor, they will be assigned separate teachers for each subject. The class teacher acts as a liaison between all the subject teachers and the parents, and would provide a detailed report of the student’s performance.

The most talented students are admitted to the middle school through the all island scholarship examination and as such competitive examination takes a more important place in the middle school. The students are encouraged to compete and learn from each other.

The goal of the middle school is to allow the students to get their first taste of a truly academic yet liberal education and thus allow the students to start making their own choices in life.