Primary School

The Primary school of Royal College is focused on providing a strong foundation for young students for skills to be built on.Thus, itlaysmuch emphasis on basic everyday education. For this task, the primary is divided into five separate grades with classes being conducted in both Sinhala and Tamil medium.

The students receive basic language skills in both their first language and English. Additionally, the students are gradually exposed to mathematics and the sciences. However, the highest priority in the primary is given to improving the student’s social skills. The students are encouraged to interact with each other and to understand and learn from their different cultures and backgrounds.

They are also encouraged to learn through practical experience and there would be many opportunities provided to integrate the surrounding environment into the daily education.

For each grade the students only interact with their class teacher who acts as both a mentor and a friend to the students. The class teacher is tasked with providing a basic moral and ethical education to the students and providing the parents with the reports of the students progress.

There are a large number of concerts and other special events organized with student participation. The aim is that ach primary student would have participated in at least one concert or drama by the time they leave for the next level of education. The focus of these concerts is to provide a platform for the students to hone and nurture their talents.

The goal of the primary school is to instill a sense of curiosity and confidence within the students.Also it means to provideyoungstersthe tools to understand and develop more advanced skills.