History and Background

Entrepreneurs represent the main sector of people that can economically and socially develop a country. They create employment; provides income and livelihood to people in the country. They enhance value in what they do and generate income for the country through payment of taxes and other statutory obligations to keep a country running. Therefore, Entrepreneurs are the single most important economic factor in a country’s economic development.

Students who study in the commerce stream only get a gist of what entrepreneurship truly means. Students who study in the other streams are deprived of this completely. One way or the other, they will all have to engage in the economic development of the country. Be he a Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Pilot or Lawyer, he will earn money and spend it, affecting the economy.

By providing an insight and creating interest in the minds of young children about the world of entrepreneurship, we can deeply influence them to be entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


To provide guidance to aspiring young leaders to pursue their business ownership dream at their young age.


  • Ignite a passion to embrace entrepreneurship during school life.
  • Build a network of resourceful entrepreneurs among students.
  • Provide a holistic environment that encourages innovation, creativity, invention and business risk assessment.
  • Conduct training workshops, knowledge sharing sessions, to understand business ethics, best practices and good governance.
  • Startup viable business engagements from conception to commercial success.
  • Engage in Social Responsibility projects to understand the value of CSR.
  • To train Royal College students to have the appropriate business insights and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To cultivate the Entrepreneurial skills and values among College students in order to develop knowledgeable and enterprising youth for the future.
  • To nurture development of quality Entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in the local and global business industries.


Chairman – Fayyad Hameed

Secretary – Shashendra Sumanathilake

Treasurer – Nuwan Jayawardena