History and Background

Royal College – an institution where students of all religions study in harmony,  founded the  Hindu students Union in 1955 together with all three other religious societies. Since then the Union has kept on producing devout and talented individuals to the religious community.

Even though the Union was created in 1955, no records of society bearers are available till 1963, when Mr. S. Baskaran, an old royalist took charge of the club. The secretary in his period was Mr. M. Oerakumar and the union saw major upliftments during this period. One of the main tasks taken on during this era is the project Kalaimagal vizham, which was considered a huge mission during the time.

Through the years, the union developed and finally, publishing a souvenir named Shivasakthy in the vizha came in to practice. The first editor as in record is Mr. Sivaloganathan Sasisna who edited the souvenir in 1991. Later on, the Shivasakthy souvenir developed to a level in which  an editorial board was needed, with editors and sub-editors to assist them in their work.

Today, the Royal College Hindu Students Union is engaged in a numerous number of projects. From all island competitions to small scale poojas, work is done without hesitation and team work embraced with cooperation. The Hindu students’ union recently opened its “Religious Hindu room”. Many annual projects were undertaken including the main event “Kalaimagal vizha” also known as “Hindu Cultural Day” which traditionally stages within the nine day “Navarathri” festival.

These are met to satisfaction through various projects and inner school and inter school competitions organized annually by the Royal College Hindu students’ Union.

Going by the motto “anbe shivam” which is a translation of a famous religious saying “Love is Shiva/God”, the union believes that Religion is a way of living.

Vision and Mission

The main vision of the union is to create a community inside and outside the school with pure religious faith and knowledge. They want to create a community which follows the principles of Hinduism and protects its cultural significance.

The mission of Hindu Students’ Union is to motivate students in and out of school to lead a prestigious religious life through making them vigilant about the valuable traditional customs and moral.


Chairman – Nitharshan Jayasooriya

Secretary – S. Midurshanan

Treasurer – Ashvin Ganesh