History and Background

In 1955, four Muslim students had a vision, which was to create and establish a society in which efforts are made to promote harmony and wellbeing with Muslims and Non-Muslims in College. They also felt the need of bringing good Islamic qualities into the minds of Muslim students and reward the students who had a knowledge about Islamic subject principles. Thus was born the Royal College Islamic Society, under the patronage of Mr.M.H.A.Wahid, our first Senior Vice President (Teacher in Charge).

The first Secretary of our society (which was the highest position which could be held by a student member then) was Br.M.N.A.Cader. The first five years of the Society was divided among three Senior Vice Presidents; Mr.M.H.A.Wahid, Mr.B.G.N.Sariffodeen and Mr.M.M.Alavy and five secretaries, Br.M.N.A.Cader, Br.Iqbal Rahim, Br.L.M.M.Rahman, Br.M.Fahmy Ismail & Br.M.G.A.Ismail.

But in 1960, the system was altered. The post of ‘Student Chairman’ was introduced during the year of 1960, when Mr.C.H.Abdeen was appointed as the Senior Vice President. The first Student Chairman of the Royal College Islamic Society was Br.M.G.A.Ismath, while the secretary for the year 1960 was Br.M.C.Amoo. From then onwards, the Islamic Society of Royal College has been molded by six Senior Vice Presidents, for the past 52 years. They are, Mr.C.H.Abdeen (1960-1967), Mr.N.M.Sawaad (1967-1984), Mr.A.H.M.Ilyas (1984-1986), Mr.M.H.M.Farouk (1986-1996), Mrs.S.A.Muthalif(1997-2000), Mrs.S.Y.M.Munas (2000 – 2014) and Mrs.Misriya Nizar (2015 to date)

The society has also been served by 54 past chairmen & 81 past secretaries. It is due to another change of the governing system of the Islamic Society, which occurred in the year 1993. For the past 38 years, only one secretary was appointed for a period of one year. But in 1993, two joint secretaries were appointed by Mr.M.H.M.Farouk, the Senior Vice President of the society during 1993. Accordingly, the first pair of joint secretaries were, Br.M.M.Farook & Br.U.L.Jaswer. The chairman for the year 1993 was Br.Sadath Nizar.

Since then the society is being administrated in the same manner. Every year, apart from the Chairman and the two Joint Secretaries, a Deputy Chairman, as well as two Joint Treasurers will be elected, to handle the Society for that year. These six members who belong to the same batch will be the top board of the society.


To Promote Peace and Harmony between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Royal College.


Promoting Islamic Virtues and felicitating/recognizing Muslim Students who have a sound knowledge about Islam.


Chairman – Ziyard Awn

Joint Secretaries – Fayyad Hameed and Athiff Munas

Treasurer – Ayoob Mohamed