History and Background

The Library Readers Association (LRARC) was found in 1946, In  1846 (nearly 100 years) it had functioned as a committee in our College, Academic staffs held the higher positions on those years, Later In 1946 the committee changed into  student organization.
The Library Readers Association of Royal College is a student body involved in the maintenance and development of the College Library. The Library Readers Committee is selected each year by a vote and the officials are responsible for the fund raising events as well as the general day to day chores of the Library for the whole year. The focal point in the Society calendar is the Library Week, which is organized toward the end of the year. During the Library Week, Book Exhibitions, Educational Seminars, Film Shows and Talent Shows are held. At the end of the week, the Library Day is celebrated with an All Island Inter-School quiz and many other items by college students

In addition, the Library Readers help the Librarians on the day -to-day tasks. Readers are recruited every year from Grade 6. These readers arrange the books in correct cupboards, assist the students, prepare Catalog information.
The Royal College Library is continuing to uphold the verse ‘Learnt of books’ in our school song. The Library Readers Association, School staff, and the Librarians strive hard to retain the prestigious name of our Library for aeons to come.


Our vision is to make Royal College Library as the most recognized and leading library by informing and inspiring Sri Lanka and its communities, making us all more resilient, more knowledgeable, more connected and successful.


Chairman – Sanura Kulanaka

Secretary – Rajitha Abeysinghe

Treasurer – Oshitha Mahanama