History and Background

Music is an art which has fascinated and inspired man since antiquity. The type of the society it dwells among varies from slums to divines.

Few years back, two teachers and a handful of students who themselves were inspired by this noble art, formed  league which would on day become the pacesetter of Sri Lanka’s school music field. That day marked the inception of Royal College Oriental Music Society.

Since its initiation, Our society has evolved to great lengths through incessant victories in school music competitions and many other achievements.

Sa≈Ga≈ the ultimate musical extravaganza can be called the pinnacle of those achievements. It revolutionized the live music performance by school students like never before. “the musical legend of East and West” remains the greatest stage put together by a school to bring students’ performances to light. It is politely imitated by many other fellow institutions today.

Currently RCOMS acts not only as an organization which toils to uphold the school music industry but also as a coordinator among Sri Lankan schools to promote music as a subject through various workshops and competitions.

The Oriental Music Society became successful in a number of occasions by winning the all island competitions for a consecutive eight years.


To work for the betterment of the field of music within the school and beyond.


To work realizing the vision for a better taste of quality music among the student community and to give a chance for the students to bring out their true potential ensuring their future and of their Alma Mater.


Chairman – Matheesh Warakapitiya

Joint Secretaries – Janadhi Vidanagama and Dinith Randira

Treasurer – Sajana Perera