History and Background

Founded in 1978, under the guidance of Mr. S.J. Maranthota, (the first Master in Charge) the Royal College Red Cross Society remains to this day one most respected and important clubs of the College, providing a great service to the school and to the community. It is now a unit of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.

Its founder members are,

  • S.G.D. Dias (President)
  • S. Peiris (Secretary)
  • C.L.P. Kumarage (Treasurer)
  • A.S. Sideeque
  • S. Mayudeen
  • P. Kuruppu

Some of the major projects conducted by them were,

  • 1978 – Assisting for the release campaign for the eastern province cyclone victims.
  • 1979 – Arranging the first eye donation campaign which was organized for the first time by a school.
  • 1979 – Organizing the first blood donation campaign.
  • Supplying first aid for the every major event in Royal College.

We have proudly continued this legacy and held the 34th Annual Blood Donation Campaign on the 28th of February 2013. We are an important supplier to the National Blood Bank, providing them with 175 pints of blood, the largest quantity collected from any school in Sri Lanka as of 2012.


  • To be recognized by the school and the community we serve, as the best school provider of blood for the National Blood Bank.
  • To be the no. 1 provider of first aid, and to be the best social service club of Royal College.


  • To be present at every school event to provide first aid,
  • To continue the annual blood donation campaign.
  • To be recognized as the best social service society of Royal College.


Chairman – Buwaneka Bandara

Secretary – Sankaja Jagoda

Treasurer – Gishan Wijenaike