Saving Energy

Saving energy has been at the forefront of the day to day activities, where extensive measures have been taken with a vision of reducing energy consumption so as to keep up with the desired level of sustainability.

Energy efficiency and minimizing the wastage of energy contributes greatly to achieving sustainable development, and its important has been identified by all stakeholders of Royal College. Thus, the following measures have been taken in effort to reduce energy consumption within College premises.

  • Usage of energy saving bulbs for lighting
  • Notice boards in every classroom used for education on conserving energy.
  • Solar Powered Energy Supply
  • Minimum use of air conditioners (Only the ICT Laboratories are air conditioned)
  • All the buildings are designed with natural and effective ventilation systems (Navarangahala being the best example)
  • The Bio Gas Plant, saving the consumption of LP gas by 50%, in the Royal College Hostel.