Since 1844 the school had sports meets. At first the events were under 16 hurdles, pole vault, shot putt and long jump. Other events like slow cycle race, throwing the cricket ball and tug-a-war were also parts of these meets. The sports meet was a red-letter day in the school calendar.

The first recorded sports meet held in 1892 was sponsored by the old boys union and took place on the grounds at St. Sebastian hill.

Since 1907 the Empire Day was made an occasion to have an inter-collegiate sports meet. It was called the athletics championships for the Ceylon Planters Association Cup. From 1930 The Group Meets and Public Schools’ Meet were conducted. The main trophies were The Jefferson Cup for relays and Tarbet Cup for overall champions at the prestigious Public Schools’ Meet. Royal has won these challenge cups on several occasions. Since 1984 The National Schools’ Meet replaced The Public Schools’ Meet.

It is worthy of mention that in 1925 at the Royal College Sports Meet, 3 boys jumped over 20 feet in the long jump event, which may have been a world record for secondary schools at that time.

Captain         – Eeshan Gallage
Vice Captain – Yeshan Manamperi