Royal College boxing was founded in the year 1913 and since then up to date the boxers have performed very well in inter school boxing tournaments as well as in all island boxing tournaments. The Royal Boxing Club was formed in late 1985 by an enthusiastic band former Royal College boxer. They felt that the Club will be an asset to Royal College boxers. In addition it would also assist Old Royalists desirous of competing in national meets after leaving school.

Royal College boxing is well reputed among all the schools in Sri Lanka as we started boxing at Royal College from the time they introduced inter school boxing tournaments and till now the boxers of Royal College has kept the fame and is taking forward the name of the school and performing really well in the tournaments that our boys take part in.

Royal College Boxers are usually guys with the “YES” attitude and they will somehow fight back their opponent and show them what we really can do. However it is, since boxing is a very manly game all the guys that we put at Royal College into the arena are the best that we could show in being manly and perform as well as enjoy the art of boxing. “If you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologize” is the what we truly believe on and work towards achieving since we do not accept defeat but always give our best, perform well and achieve a good reputation towards Royal College as it is our Alma Mater.

Captain         – M.M.A. Ahmed
Vice Captain – K.C. Piyasinghe