In 1881 ‘Boys Brigade’ was initiated by John B. Cull, who was principal of Royal College then. The very reason to organize a group of this kind was to improve discipline among students by using a method of drilling. This initial step of cadet movement was kept in Royal College Colombo, and it was introduce to the whole country this time. This atmosphere paved way to form a cadet band at Royal College in 1979 which was headed by Sergeant R. K. G. Yahampath First officer in charge was Lt. R. P. M. Gamage.

Royal College Cadet Band has achieved the current position by facing lot of challenges and hardships. It represented school a number of national level ceremonies, guards of honors and annual competition camps. The annual band competition held in 1983 was a challenge,held from 22nd of June  to 27th  of  June  1983  at Kotte, at  Ananda Shasthralaya, school’s western cadet band won the first place by scoring 75 points. Band was lead by W.O.II Siriena H.A.J who won the ‘BEST BAND SERGENT’ title at this competition.

In year 1984 W.O.II  Illukpitiya M.D.A. won the ‘BEST BAND SERGENT’ title.

Royal College cadet band, maintained its victorious position throughout, as it received the first place, “The best performance award”, at the “Inter Battalion Competition” for the second time in 1985.

“The best performance award” was retiled from  1985 as the “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield”. Band represented the school for this competition and W.O.II  Samaraweera S.M.A.P. headed it.

In 1987 College cadet band won the “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield”  for the third time and it was a remarkable occasion. The band was commanded by W.O.II  Peiris G.V.U.A.C.

Activities of the Bandas as well as the annual band competition camp was interrupted by the political disturbances prevailed in the country in the late eighties. This untimely silence was the cause to loose some of our familiar titles at the camps held in 1990 and 1991. Sergeant chandrasena lead the band in 1990 at the camp held at Diyathalawa.

1991 was a turning point to the cadet band. Sergeant De Alwis D.D.L.P was not fortunate enough  to complete his term and early termination of his leadership lead the band to be  reconstructed from the beginning. Sergeant Hewage C. was appointed as the new leader who was able to complete the mission. Mr. Harsha Hettiarachchi was appointed as the master –in-charge of the Cadet Band, in the same year, who served till 1996. There was no Officer-in-charge for the platoon for the next consecutive years.

The band heading towards a victorious future, with several prestigious awards in hand from 1992 onwards. At  the annual band competition held in 1992  under the leadership  of  sergeant Wadusinghearachchi C. the band was placed the  first runner up of “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield”.

In 1993 the band won the “Most Outstanding Band of the Country” award at the “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield” competition and the winners were captained by sergeant Jayarathne B.D.T.D.

Band showed its prestige as it won the most outstanding band of the country for the fifth time facing all the challenges with unbeatable strength when sergeant Pallewatta P.G.D.B. commanded the band in 1994.

In 1995 sergeant Jayakody S.V. won the “The Best Band Sergeant” title and he was selected to represent Sri Lanka at the Independence Day celebrations of Bangladesh. Cadet band regained the best band award for the 6th time and it was the consecutive third year they won “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield”.

Royal College Cadet Band set a record in National Cadet Corps by wining the most outstanding cadet band of the country award for the consecutive 4th time in year 1996. It was the 7th occasion the band won the“Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield”. The band was led by sergeant Bomiriya N.D. He also was qualified to represent Sri Lanka at the “Heroes Day Camp” held in Bangladesh in 1997.

In 1997 we faced slight draw back in our familiar achievements but it never affected our moral courage. We restore our position as we won the runners up award at the “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield”. Sergeant Soorasena W.D.T.C. conducted the band.

Past achievements strengthen us undoubtedly. Glorious titles we acquired, inspired us to look forward with a positive vision. In 1999 the RCCB emerged as the winners of “Major General T.I. Weerathunga Challenge Shield” under the leadership of sergeant Wathawanawithana S.D.

In year 2001 & 2002 we won the runners up awards at the annual competition camp after a close contest. Sergeants Jayasinghe T.I. in 2001 and Bamunusinghe B.A.S.D.  in 2002 lead the respective bands.

After a slight drawback in 2003 and 2004, In year 2005 the RCCB managed to show some expectations – Under Sergeant Dissanayake.D.M.P.M  the band returned as runners up of the Gen.T.I.Weeratunga challenge shield” and the Sergeant won the title for Best Drum Major.

Sergeant Arachchige P.C.K conducted the Cadet Band in year 2008 winning the titles of  Best Band and Best Drum major. RCCB won the championship after 1999 and Sergeant Arachchige.P.C.K was promoted to the Senior under officer rank at the camp. Seargeant Perera.S.R. and Seargeant Chandrasiri J.P.I.N. led the band winning the title “ Runners up of the Gen.T.I.Weeratunga Challenge Shield in years 2009 and 2010. Sergeant Chandrasiri. J.P.I.N was selected as the Best Drum major and promoted to the Junior under officer rank.