Elle is a traditional SriLankan sport similar to baseball. There are 16 players to a side and all of them play in an inning. Traditionally elle has two innings per side but modern elle games are limited to 50 ball matches. An elle field is twice the size of a baseball field. The batter can be struck out as in baseball ( with three strikes ) but in elle there is no strike zone. If the batter runs a round nonstop then it is called a run.

Elle at Royal College was started in 2004 by Viraj Hettiarachchi. In that period the principal of Royal College was Mr. Upali Gunasekara. Since that year Royal was the champion in circuit and zonal tournaments. Mr. Gunawardhana is the coach, K.D.V Kolambage and H.M.N.B.Karunarathna are the present captain and vice captain in elle. Last two years Royal College elle team was the champion in circuit, zonal, provincial elle tournaments. But unfortunately they dropped at the all island championship. In 2012 they became the champions in above tournaments.

Captain         – Ranga Hemachandra
Vice Captain – Isuru Subash Samarasekara