Royal Collage Wushu started on year 1992 by Mr.Sifu Prasnna Jayaweera being as the very first coach. Also the very first captain of wushu in Royal Collage is C.Chandrarathna. Wushu is composed of two disciplines: taolu and Sanda .

Taolu involve material art patterns and maneuvers for which competitors are judged and given points according to specific rules. Modern wushu competitors are increasingly training in aerial techniques such as 540 and 720 and even 900 degree jumps and kicks to add more difficulty and style to their forms.

When we turn back to the past and see about the develop nowadays we are giving a fight to fight in the tournaments. We got the Fourth place in 2011 All Island School Wushu Championship and after we got the Championship 2012 Western Province tournament. Our Wushu team came through for all these developments with the great help of Mr.Sifu Prasanna Jayaweera and Mr.Sifu Duminda Perera.From mid of this year 2012 our team training under a new coach came from china .

Captain         – Janudha Senevirathne
Vice Captain – Isuru Harischandra