Junior Prefects

Being a Junior Prefect is the first actual leadership a Royalist is entrusted with once he is out of the primary school. It is a responsibility thrust upon an individual in order to shape his governance qualities and train him for what the College expects from him in future.

As students of Grade 09, they are the most senior batch in the middle and primary sections and hence, Junior Prefects carry a fair amount of authority for a student of that age. This post comes as the first taste of real leadership, as the tasks handed to them are more realistic and practically based than that of which they may have had during earlier stages. Junior Prefects are delegated formal duties and are expected to perform them on a daily basis, and also attend duties at special events. Recipients of this post gain a great amount of knowledge on what school life will be like at the Upper Middle and Upper sections of College, as by this point they are involved not only in academics but in sports as well.

Junior Prefectship is a very stable platform to set standards as to what is expected from students as senior student leaders as at this stage in their school career, the strengths and weaknesses can be identified and worked on throughout an entire year, setting up a strong batch of leaders for the future.

Primary Prefects

Primary Prefectship is the first major leadership post that can be held by a student of Royal College. As the most senior batch within the primary section, students are awarded Prefectship in Grade 5 and carry out their duties within their respective year, working under the more senior ranks to improve the quality of their section. Primary Prefects are handed with basic disciplinary tasks to help ensure that the students in the primary section meet the necessary standard which is set for the students. It is a great learning experience as it is the first of many stepping stones to becoming a successful Royalist in the years to come. This post is a valuable experience as it gives the Prefects their first experience of working as a batch, and acts as the roots of bonds that are built within that batch in the years to come.