Prefects’ Council 2011/2012

Head Prefect   S.A. Gomesz
Senior Deputy Head Prefect       R. P.Aluwihare
Deputy Head Prefects
Academics S.A.V.  Wickremasooriya
Sports S. Pathirana
Clubs & Societies K.D. Ratnapala
5S’ N. Jeyakumar
Information Technology B. Jayathilake

Abeygoonawardene B.S.K
Abeyrathna S.
Abeysundara K.G.D.M.Y.
Ahangama M.S.
Anujon Y.
Boyagoda L.B.B.
Dahanayake A.S.W.
Dilshan K.M.
Denetthi D.
Dissanayake W.V.S
Fowzan A.A.A.
Galappatti T.I.I.
Ganegoda D.V.
Gopallawa P.N.B.
Goonawardene B.W.
Heenkenda Y.S.K.B.
Jabbar M.A.A.
Jayalath K.N.
Jayalath S.S.
Jayarathne R.D.L.S.C.
Jayasuriya B.U.
Jiffrey R.
Kalansooriya S.D
Kandanaarchchi H.L.T.B.
Karunanayake S.A.C.
Kumarasiri M.G.C.S.
Lasantha M.H.V.
Lavan S.
Madurapperuma M.C.P.
Mallawarachchi M.U.
Manawadu T.D.
Mohamed M.H.A.
Mohottiararchchi R.T.
Nazeer I.
Nissanga H.
Pathirana L.C.S.
Perera H.Y.
Perera K.S.S.M.
Perera L.R.
Rajapaksha R.S.A.
Sakalasuriya B.B.
Sideek A.M.
Sooriyarachchi C.
Suduwelikanda W.V.
Thananchayan T.
Tharaka M.G.D.
Tissera S.S.
Wettasinghe I.
Wijesuriya T.N.
Wijayawardhana R.M.
Ambawatte C.D.
Arthenayake C.R.
Bandara A.G.J.
Devasurendra C.S.
Edirisinghe A.I.
Gamage G.G.K.
Gunathilake N.S.
Herath H.N.C.K.B.
Heshoban T.
Kasturiarachchi G.K.
Imran Khan Y.M.
Kudahetty A.L.
Kumarage S.P.
Liyanage D.I.
Vithanagama H.M.
Nanayakkara N.I.
Priyankan K.
Sathananda R.
Samarasinghe I.B.T.C.C.
Sinthaby E.C.
Vithanage G.G.D.
Wijeyeratne W.S.

Summary of Projects and Activities


Book Collection Project

Collection of books from grades 6 – 13 at random for monitoring work in class by the Principal. One book from each class is collected calling out a random register number and a random subject, depending on the subjects on the classes time table on that day. At the end of the school day the books are collected and handed over to the Principal who then marks the books and keeps ready by the next morning for collection and redistribution to the students via the Prefects’ Council.

Hostel O/L Revision Classes

The hostellers who would be facing their Ordinary Level Examination in that respective year are tutored by members of the Prefects’ Council on subjects requested by them. In addition a special Good Luck party was given to the students two days before their examination to boost their morale.
Hostel English Classes
All hostellers from grades 6-11 are given an English course by members of the Prefects’ Council to enhance their speaking capabilities in the English Language. Tutorial exercises are given to them such as interview exercises and conversation activity’s to prepare them for the modern society of the cities.

School Song CD Distribution

All grade 1 students and all students entering Royal College after A/L’S are given a CD free of charge containing the soundtrack of the College Anthem including a cover with the words to practice at home to ensure all students are fluent in the College Anthem as soon as they enter College.

Hostel Grade 6 Trip

All new comers to the Hostel from the scholarship examination are taken all over Colombo to welcome them to their new surroundings and make them feel comfortable as they would have to be away from their homes from that day onwards. The main motive of this project is to make sure the newcomers understand that the school is with them all the way so that they remain in the hostel and get the whole Home away from Home experience.

Hostel Music Room and Library

According to the needs of the Hostellers, two construction projects were taken up by the Prefects’ Council in order to improve facilities for leisure for the students. The Music Room is one of a kind within the College with the installation of sound absorbing walls and is air conditioned for the comfort of the users. It serves the important purpose of getting the students ready for their much awaited “Miyesi Meerawaya” and most importantly the “Hostel Day”.

Hostel Day 2012

A project usually organized and executed by the Hostel Prefects, taken over by the College Prefects in the year 2012 as it had not been organized for over 7 years to ensure its continuity. This is a very important function for the hostellers as well as the whole college because this is the main chance the hostellers have to show off their talents to both their parents and piers by working together as one Hostel. A special happening in this Hostel Day was the introduction of Hostel House Colours by the Prefects Council as well as the distribution of the official hostel day activity Jerseys to all Hostellers. The colours of the Houses are as follows:

Anghie House – Silver and White
Belleth House – Bronze and Black
Bradby House – Silver and Bronze
Corea House – Silver and Black

I-Gate International Prefects Workshop

A special leadership workshop for the Junior Prefects of I-Gate international was conducted by the Prefects’ Council of Royal College to spread the quality of leadership that we uphold within college to other institutions as well.

Printing and sale of the Royal College Calendar

The calendar printed by the Prefects’ Council was sold for Rs. 20/ each in order to raise funds for the councils work.


Colours night

This was the main project conducted by the sports committee of 2011/2012 under the theme “Under the Sea”. The Colours Night was held on the 14th of March 2012 at Navarangala and the chief guest was Mr. Leaversz who was a legendary cricketer in the history books of Royal College. At the ceremony sportsmen were awarded colours according to their achivements and the colours criteria’s assessed at a specific colours meeting held with the respective in-charges of the particular sport. Apart from that, the Raba Gunesekara & Maalyn Dias Memorial trophies were awarded for the specially recognized exceptions of the sportsmen. The event was concluded after awarding the Royal “CROWN” which the highest achievement a sportsmen can ever achieve within the hallowed portals of Royal College.

Event calendar

Sports committee prepared an event calendar for each quarter and allocated prefects to attend and support the events that took place all around the country. All other committees gave their support in the success of this project; especially academics. Also the results were recorded and presented to the SGM’s, some exceptional records were put on the notice board & on the Digital notice boards.
Printing of attire for the sports meet
The Council printed skinnies for all participants in the annual college sports meet. Skinnies of five different colors were printed to depict the colors of the five school houses


The Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony

The Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony was held on the 30th of November 2012 for the third consecutive time. The Chief Guest for the evening was Air Marshall Harsha Abeywickrama. Clubs were graded into three categories according to their achievements and progress throughout the year as A grade, B Grade and C grade clubs respectively. The grading was done through a marking criterion, where marks were allocated to each club by both the Prefects Council as well as the Senior Games Masters as well as through an interview process conducted by the Prefects’ Council.

Workshops for Executive Board Members

A series of workshops were organized for the Executive Board members of all clubs at the Royal College union. Workshops were conducted separately for the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer by guest speakers.


Student Identity card

The Prefects’ Council together with the National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel launched a student identity card solution that works on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The NFC card reader devices set up at entrance points at the school allow students to ‘tap’ in their attendance. A pre-defined cut off time ensures that absentees’ parents are informed of such via SMS. The iCard bears vital information of the student, such as: name, school admission number, photograph, validity period, emergency contact number and card number. During the first stage of this project, the card will serve as means to monitor attendance. Currently the first phase is finalized and waiting to be launched (Government permission is yet to be granted).
In the near future, with the implementation of the second phase of this project, students will be able to use the card as a library card. They will also be able to utilize the card to make purchases in the canteen and carry out transactions when using the public transport facility. While being helpful in the above mentioned ways, the card could be used to control access to buildings and other locations such as stadiums.

Digital Notice Boards

The Digital Noticed Boards (DNBs) located in the East and West Wing Lobbies and near the Record Room were upgraded to its maximum potential with introduction of the new integrated open source software. DNBs now deliver a magnanimous service in promoting sporting and societal activities of college while communicating valuable and important message to the student community.

Introduction of an official website of Royal College –

The Prefects’ Council together with Cyber Synergy Japan Inc. introduced a new web portal to Royal College, based on modest technology in web designing arena. Combination of both dynamic and static information of Royal College given in the site is prominent while it facilitate for upgraded news reporting ,web casting and online student database.

WiFi Zone

Wifi Zone in the main building was upgraded to new machines with a higher specification and touch screen panels to enable students to surf the Internet much easier and faster.

School Song CD for grade one students

IT committee of prefects’ council together with Academics Committee launched this program to benefit grade one students with a Compact Disk which the Royal College school Song is written on it.

Managing the Social Network Groups of Royal College

Initiated an official group for Royal College in Face Book social network and an official account at Twitter social network and maintained them with updating current news and photos.


Prepared the participants database of EDEX EXPO 2012 in both Colombo and Kandy Exhibitions. In the process collection of data, creation of database and feeding the database was involved. The database was completed with more than 15000 participants ‘information.


Represented Royal College at “Info-tel” annual information and communication technology exhibition organized by Ministry of Education.


School Map Updating

Over a period of time, it is noticed that having a school map mentioning all of the school locations at the entrance of primary school and the secondary school is required. Visual display of school boundary and school location information will help to overcome the problems faced by our beloved brothers and the outsiders who are not yet familiarized with the location within the school boundary.
This project is undertaken to provide both safe and supportive environment for the instructional determinations and the learning process. Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the maps and data provided.

5s Quality Service Competition

This is a project undertaken to implement 5S system, where we encouraged students to create, maintain and improve a clean and orderly studying environment within the school.
A competition was organized after appointing students in a class in to groups encouraging themselves to suggest and help to keep the school clean while enhancing them with the team spirit. Best suggestions and actions was appraised and awarded.

Fires Extinguisher System

Fire extinguishers are great first line of defense against small fires. As a life saving tool, it is essential to have fire extinguishers with an easy access and availability in case of an emergency.
With identifying the danger of not having sufficient number of fire extinguishers inside our school, we decided to implement a proper fire extinguish system with the hope of securing the lives and our school properties.

School Renovation

Following years of analysis made us realized the importance of renovating our school in order to provide and improve the performance of the students with a better studying environment and facilities. This project helped us to maintain the level of standard in our school.

Windows Renovation

One strategy of enhancing quality and improving standards is to provide a positive perception and a good image in the eyes of outsiders. As a result we have implemented a project to renovate windows which are visible to the outsiders to make them have a proper view from outside along with addition of magnificence to the school.

General Projects

Boys Tent for the 133rd Battle of the Blues

One of the annual projects that fall to the Prefects’ Council every year is the organization of the Boys Tent for the renowned Battle of the Blues. This project involves coming up with a design for the tent and ensuring that a structure capable of sheltering approximately 4000 school boys on each day of the 3 day encounter is put up. Also it involves the task of organizing a meal for all those who attend on each day.

The Cycle Parade

Another tradition coinciding with the big match season, overseen by the Prefects. It involves mapping out a route for the parade to take and also obtaining permission from the relevant authorities. The Prefect Council was also able to organize free water bottles to be given to the participants.

Big Match Promotions

The Prefects’ Council also undertook the task of promoting the Big match in hopes of increasing the overall hype of the Battle of the Blues within school boys. This involved printing of posters and banners and also organization of competitions such as the selection of “the best decorated classroom” which was adjudged by members of the 1st XI cricket team themselves.

Junior Prefects Induction Ceremony

The Junior Prefects induction ceremony was organized by the Prefects’ council under the supervision of the Master in charge of Junior Prefects.

The Printing of the Royalist Newspaper

After the lapse of many years the Royalist newspaper was revived by the Prefects’ Council. Four issues of the paper were printed to cover events and happenings within college within the four quarters of the academic year.

The Prefects and Stewards Talent Show

This was a novel idea by the Prefects Council of Royal College in order to finance the other projects initiated throughout the year. Also another secondary objective was to bring the Prefects as well as the stewards closer to the general schooling populace. The night involved the display of the many talents of the Prefects and stewards in the form of music, dance and even theater. Tickets were sold in order to raise funds through the project.

Leadership Workshop for the Stewards

A leadership workshop was organized by the Prefects Council of Royal College for the Stewards, who are the secondary tier of leadership in the school. The workshop involved the organizing of many fun filled activities to improve different talents needed for effective leadership such as teamwork, planning and problem solving.