Stewards are chosen in grade twelve just after coming into school after the Ordinary Level Examination. What is special and unique about being a steward is that in proper College they are the closest to the student population since they are studying themselves. Therefore they act as the eyes and ears to the Senior Prefects and Academic Staff.

Although stewardship is a somewhat physically challenging role, it is also considered a privilege that comes with a lot of excitement.  The biggest project of any steward is the erection of the Boys’ Tent for the Annual Royal-Thomian Cricket Encounter. The work entails staying overnight at the SSC grounds and this event is anticipated by the entire batch.

The stewards’ have a small laminated card with their name on it which is clipped to their pants. Here too there is no head steward but just a teacher in charge and two Senior Prefects who are appointed as Stewards’ in charge. Stewards generally have morning duties, day duties and interval duties. They are also expected to be present at certain special functions to assist in various duties.