Community Service

Royal College is an institution that plays a major role in its community towards community service. It contributes not only as an institution, but also has many student organizations that are formed with the sole purpose of community service. The Scouts, Social Services League, Interact Club and United Nations Club are some of the organizations that contribute greatly towards the betterment of the society. These clubs & societies easily carry out over a hundred projects on community service reaching out to all corners of the society, working hard to make the community we live in a better place. Royal College takes an active part as an institution as well to support this avenue.

As an aspect of Social Responsibility Towards Society and Environment, Royal College gets involved in the following activities.

  • Distribution of dry rations and money donations at the Padavi – Siripura for the people who are affected from arsenic related diseases.
  • Annual Multhange Poojawa at the Temple of the Tooth Relic.
  • Maintaining welfare facilities at the Mulleriyawa half way home.
  • Blood donation campaign held twice a year.
  • Donation of College past examination papers to rural schools.