‘Mal Dansala’ Carried Out for the 30th Year by the Social Services League

The ‘Mal Dansala’ conducted by the Social Services League of Royal College has been carried out for the past 29 years at the Kelaniya Temple. In contrast to the past 29 years where flowers and rice packets were distributed , in commemoration of the event’s 30th anniversary the ‘Dansala’ was shifted to an island-wide format. This year’s location was the Keththarama Viharaya and the Sidhdhartha Sunday School.

In addition to the flowers, dry rations and lights needed by the temple were provided along with stationary items for one hundred and fifty students, ten desks and ten benches were also donated to the school. A religious sermon was also carried out for the community of the surrounding area.

This was followed by a meal for at the College premises for those who participated by the Old Royalists of the Social Services League.

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