Continuous improvement for ICT at Royal!

The Royal College Computer Society manages to impress yet again, by contributing two brilliantly moulded IT minds in the form of Sadeep Darshana Weerasinghe & Roshnal Lihinikadu, to the Sri Lankan contingent, which will represent Sri Lanka at the 26th annual International Olympiad in Informatics which is scheduled to be held at Taipei, Taiwan, from the 13th to the 20th of July, where the knowledge and experience will be tested at large, as they will go head to head with some of the best computer programmers in existence, not to mention the exposure to a world of new experiences with regards to programming in a general perspective.

The team selections were based on the results and scores achieved at the Sri Lankan Informatics Olympiad and the Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad which were conducted by the School of Computing at the University of Colombo, where the two Royalists excelled and managed to score more than the required amount of points to qualify for the National Team.

The programming team of the Royal College Computer Society is currently led by Sadeep Darshana Weerasinghe,who currently trains more than 10 young members, with hope to uplift and maintain the standards of ICT in College, as well as to continue the contribution to ICT in Sri Lanka.

As this achievement is definitely one of the many highlights with regards to ICT in College, two Royalists also displayed their skills at the Zonal ICT Competition 2014, where Binara Hasanja Anthony of grade 7, & Binod Madubashitha of grade 12, displayed their skills in the fields of word processing and web page designing respectively, by being placed first in their respective competitions, bringing glory to College and contributing to uplift the standard of ICT at Royal College.

ICT improvement within College as well as on a National and Global Level, is of immense importance, as it is required to adapt and move with time, and the start given at Royal College with regards to ICT education and the opportunities given to immerse yourself and excel in fields of IT are of great value, and these opportunities have been taken by the Royalists who have brought glory to College at the Sri Lanka & Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad, and the Zonal ICT Competition of 2014.