“Design Since 1835” – A bold new initiative by the Media Unit of Royal College.

” Design since 1835 ” is a great new initiative by the Media Unit of Royal College in collaboration with the Academy of Design International Design Campus.

The firm which was formerly known as ” Le Postre Team” will be in charge of maintaining and designing all graphics and design related promotion within the Media Unit and will assist in the designing and promotional activities within Royal College itself, when needed, with the assistance and training by the Academy of Design International Campus, with whom this collaboration was made a great success.

About the Media Unit

The Media Unit of Royal College was founded in the year 2001, as the Mass Media Unit under the guidance of Mr. J. Patabendi.

Beginning with the longtime staples of school Media Units’ such as announcing and news reading, MURC gradually expanded its horizons to include new avenues such as Webcasting, Videography, Photography, Web Designing and on occasion, Event Management.

About AOD

AOD International Design campus is the institute selected by Northumbria University School of Design (UK), the globally recognized British University which is among the top 5 universities among Europe, to offer it’s world renowned fashion and design degrees in Sri Lanka.

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