Streak Continues as team ends Kingswood Match victorious

Spectacular Victory of 49-7

Three tries by Supun Warnakulasuriya

Under the hot early evening sun, 2 teams, one clad in Blue and Gold, the other in Scarlet Red, rush into the field at the Royal College Sports Complex. The gathered audience cheer, the ball is tossed, the Royal vs Kingswood Rugby Encounter has begun!

For the better part of the encounter the Royal team kept a strong offence going, backed occasionally by their well reputed and very effective scrums. The Kingswood team did not let up easily either, with them putting up a strong defence countering the rapid Royal advance. Yet this was no match to the charge of the Royal Tuskers, who broke through and landed the first try of the match. With a penalty Royal was able to score even more, complementing it with the second try soon afterwards and even more afterwards, breaking through the Kingswood defence line like a hot knife through butter. The Kingswood defence did not easily back down, moreover, hardening their defence and countering several Royal advances and securing the ball, although the Royal defence line was also strong enough to counter the Kingswood offense play. Royal however did not have much luck at conversions, failing to score several times. At the end of the Halftime, the Royal team had already seen victory in sight with a score (Royal) 27 – 0 (Kingswood).

The 2nd Half commenced to cheers from the mainly Royalist audience as both teams geared up for the last round.  The Kingswood team played some very impressive offensive play which beat the Royal defence at several occasions. The Royal side also gained some points with a powerful offense play but by now the outcome was certain. The Kingswood team came through with a try and conversion in the last few minutes of the game to change, what would have been a flawless victory for Royal.

Royal College won with a staggering lead of 35 points. The final scores being (Royal College) 49 – 7 (Kingswood College). Royal College with 3 Goals, 5 Tries and 1 Penalty and Kingswood College with 1 Goal.