Dodgeball 360 – Do you have the dodge in you?

Funduhmental is a dual phased joint project organized annually by the Interact Club of Royal College along with the Interact Club of Visakha Vidyalaya. The First phase of Funduhmental is a financed project where the main aim is to raise enough funds to do a successful second phase which is a Community Service Project done towards the uplifment of society.

For the past few years the committee members of Funduhmental has pulled off successful finance projects  which have generated massive funds to make an impact in society by doing a very meaningful and unique Community Service Project. Due to the massive success of Dodgeball 360, an inter-interact Dodgeball tournament organized to promote Dodgeball in the country which was initiated in the year 2015 the Funduhmental Committee of 2016 continued the highly anticipated Dodgeball tournament yet again this year with a massive twist, Which is to play Dodgeball in the dark with dim lights to lighten up the room merely and with the use of Glow Tape and Glow Paint it was something completely out of this world.

The true meaning of believing in what one can achieve was broadly displayed by this committee as everything was not in their favor except for the belief of making this project come to life. And the committee did deliver to the maximum potential as everyone who entered the arena was simply amazed by the effect that it delivered. And even though there were some mishaps even on the day of the project, the committee seemed to handle all these obstacles face on and had always emerged to the top.

Dodgeball 360 happened on the 3rd of December at the Royal College Sports Complex from 8A.M. onwards. With more than 16 teams present at the event; The Champions from the boy’s category was the Interact Club of St. Thomas College, Mt Lavinia while the Interact Club of St Peters College emerged Runners-up. And the Interact Club of Holy Family Convent emerged champions from the girl’s category while Gateway International School, Rajagiriya took home the Runners-Up trophy from the girls category. The crowd matches raised the intensity of this project as the traditional outgoing prefect’s council vs. the incoming prefect’s council Dodgeball match was a delight for everyone at the arena.

When interviewing the committee members of this project one thing they all had in common was that they enjoyed every single moment they spent on making this project a success and that’s why this project had such a great turnout and was literally an experience of a lifetime.