History and Background

World experiences two types of disasters; man-made and natural. Natural disasters have been more frequent, harmful and devastating calamities due to human activities. Being environmental friendly and practicing green habits are the present trend throughout the world to make this mother earth a better place for its inmates.

Students, whatever the subject they study, should have a sense of the said danger which the entire world has faced. They should change their attitudes and think out of the box to find ways and means to minimize or to get rid of the future dangers in terms of environment.

The Green Circle was formed in 2009 by a few “green minded” royalists, guided by Mr. Aruna De Silva, the Warden of Royal College Hostel as a successor to the Environmental Club. The Green Circle fulfilled a growing need to educate Royalists and make them conscious of prevalent environmental issues and very soon, it’s vision and mission evolved to encompass a wider scope in its current form. Since its humble beginnings, the Green Circle has gained much momentum, wide acceptance and recognition within the school having successfully completed several projects and spearheading many ongoing ones.Green Circle is trying it’s best to provide an insight and to create interest in the minds of the students, teachers, parents and the rest of the society at large.


To make the students, teachers, parents and the rest of the society understand the environmental hazards that we face and to make them familiar with green concepts and habits.


Organizing seminars, workshops and field trips to make the students aware of the natural and man-made environmental hazards and the dangers consequences of them.

To minimize the adverse effects of the said environmental hazards, make the students familiar with the green initiatives that already existed in the college and outside.

To familiarize students with green habits and convey the message to their families and the rest of the society.



President – U. Samarasinghe

Secretary – Lakshitha Dilshan

Treasurer – Avinda Fernando