History and Background

The Royal College Social Services League had its birth in 1921 under the paternity of Mr. Victor Perera, a teacher of the college during the period of Mr. H.L. Reed as Principal. J.R. Jayawardena, Neil Sansone, C.E. Jayawardena, Stanley Soysa, Shirley Corea and a few others had volunteered to nurse the new born baby. These energetic Male nurses, who late in life reached greater heights of eminence in different walks of life, did their nursing so very well that the new born one was named the Social Services League itself and reached its full age of maturity breaking records of many theories in its own right of evolution

The idea of forming the Royal College Social Services League was first casually suggested when a holiday camp was set for the Royal College students at Trinity College, Kandy in April 1921. They were most impressed by the good and useful work done by the Trinity College Social Services League. So it was decided to start the Royal College Social Services League in 28th May 1921.

The League first ran on the similar lines as the Trinity College Social Services League, but had soon evolved its own scheme of doing social work and made itself a strong body of enterprising and energetic youth dedicated to serve the under-privileged. Since then the Royal College Social Services League has been one of the most active Clubs and Societies in Royal College which always seeks to help the needy community.


To attract the college students to serve the needy people of the community and uplift their standard of living by doing projects of quality rather than of quantity.


To uplift the Standard of Living of the people in the Community who are under-privileged.


Chairman – Pramod Vishwajith

Secretary – Oshadha Viduranga

Treasurer – Rishan Fazly