Continuous improvement for Carrom at Royal!

Amidst the achievements and recognition which the Royal College Carrom team made for themselves in the year 2014, through the dedication and efforts of their own team mates, It is but another feather to the cap of the Royal College Carrom team, to announce and to have achieved the title of Champions, at the the President Cup Open Carrom Championship 2014 doubles category, which was concluded on the 27th of April, 2014.

As the competition progressed with heated & intense battles being witnessed, the Semi Finals of the competition saw the Royal College Doubles pair Mohamed Shaheed and Anas Ahamed, facing the powerful doubles pair, Nishantha Fernando and Lahiru Eshan, whose power and experience combined, got them ranked number 3 in the Sri Lanka doubles rankings. As the game progressed , the Royalists managed to win the 2nd and 3rd sets 25 points – 16 points and 25 points – 13 points respectively, after losing the first set 25 points to 22 points, which saw the Royalists emerge victorious and progressing to the final stages of the tournament!

The dynamic duo was then faced with the mammoth task of competing with the currently ranked number 1 in the Sri Lanka doubles rankings, Chamil Cooray and Brindley Wickramasinghe, who were triumphant and were crowned the champions at the recently concluded Senior Nationals Championships. After witnessing a well fought battle by both teams, the Royalists managed to showcase their talents by achieving a whitewash win, by beating the opposing side, 25 points – 22 points and 25 points to 18 points in the first and second sets respectively, which saw the Royalists taking home the win and making their mark in yet another prestigious Carrom Tournament.

The standards & the recognition of Carrom at Royal can only increase further, as the aforementioned achievement marks the Second Doubles win for team member Mohamed Shaheed. It is also of great significance to the Royalists due to the fact that the Semi Final win and the Final win at the President Cup Open Championship doubles category were triumphs over the Runners up and Champions of the recently concluded Senior National Carrom championships respectively, at which Royal were able to make and break records.

Carrom at Royal has definitely redefined itself, and the future can only hold great challenges for the Royal College Carrom team.