The Mystery of Montezuma: Year-End Camp of the Royal College Scout Group

The year-end camp is a much anticipated event by the scouting community at College. This year the camp took place from the 26th to the 30th of December at the College premises and in several locations around Colombo. The camp which was themed on the “Ancient Aztec Empire” saw the participation of 342 scouts. The camp’s activities were lead by Senior Troop Leader Mithila Haputhanthri and the Camp Director Hasith Jayawardane along with the Instructors of the Senior Troop under the guidance of Scout Leader Mr. Rohan Weerasekara. The main activities that took place were as follows:

  1. ‘Training for the Great Battle’
  2. ‘The Magic bases of the Dark Witch’ – Orienteering
  3. ‘The Path of the Blind Wizard’ – Blindfold Trail
  4. ‘Cortés and the Ghost Hunt’ – Treasure Hunt
  5. ‘Mighty Challenges of Montezuma’ – Obstacle Course
  6. ‘Heart of Nadil’
  7. ‘Ancient Waters of the Aztecs’ – Kayaking
  8. ‘Mystery of the Deadly Tunnel’ – Trek
  9. ‘The Haunted House’
  10. ‘The Festival of the Aztecs’ – Fancy Dress Parade
  11. ‘The Battle of Waterloo’ – Wide Game
  12. ‘The Games of Aztecs’ – Mini Olympics
  13. ‘The Night of Mystery’ – Night Out
  14. ‘Walking With the Ghosts’ – Night Trail

In addition to these  magnificent campfire took place at the Navarangahala premises featuring a variety of music, dance and dramatic items performed by the scout troops.