Friday the 11th of August was a day that turned the Colombo Race Course into a carnival like no other as the Red Cross Society and the Astronomical Society of Royal College jointly presented “SKY FALL 2017”. All those who attended that evening experienced the ultimate fusion of blazing music, roaring engines and fabulous food. The event was organized as a fund raiser for the social service project done in an under privileged school.

This evening was made colorful by the magical musical performances by the talented artists. Tehan Perera with Hot Chocolate electrified the crowd and the performances from all the other very talented young upcoming artists who were kind enough to perform for free ensured that this was an evening to remember. Talented young musicians such as Devin, DKM, Nilesh and Aaron entertained the crowd with their wonderful performances. The Royal College Oriental Music Society and Encore filled the whole evening with magical music.

Not only great music the evening gave the privilege of witnessing a motor show like no other to all who attended. The committee managed to showcase vehicles ranging from rare classics, special editions to super cars and it was fabulous experience to witness all of that in one place. The presence of vehicles like Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford Mustang GT, Nissan GTR and special edition 4x4s made the Motor Show one of a kind.

The organizers ensured that the whole crowd was spoilt with chooses when it came to satisfying their taste buds as there were food stalls from leading food chains Harpos, Urban Kitchen, Pizza Hut, Bread Talk and Dominos. As a result the crowd was refreshed and energized to keep the party going on.

It didn’t stop from great music, super cars and fabulous food the crowd was given the opportunity to get a state of the art digital gaming experience as the Royal College Computer Society presented “Frost Byte” a gaming stall which featured PS4, Xbox and Virtual Reality gaming. It was an unforgettable experience to the young crowd who really enjoyed the stall.

All in all SKY FALL 2017 was a night which entertained every person who attended and in the process it managed to raise funds to care for the students in need of our help.